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Peter Arapakis was a Greek seafarer of Charia Mani. He was the grandson of Elias and was born in 1879. He expressed his love for the sea  from his early childhood. At the age of 16 he had a simple boat, which was fifteen feet length. He managed with this simple boat to travel 1500 miles around the Mediterranean, through myriad hazards and hardships in order to visit some friends. Shortly later he became the first one to enter the cave of Vlychada Mani, which was unknown until then. Cave Vlyhada is one of the most famous lake caves in the world, and Peter has managed to engrave his name deep in the cave in early 20th century. This  was detected when the cave was explored by the Greek speleologists Petrochilou.
Following his graduation from school, he registered with the Medical School of Athens. After the first year he abandoned the medical school and went to London to study at the School of Merchant Marines. Following his graduation he published a nautical chart, which was noteworthy for its time.
Τhen, following an argument with his colleagues, as he was trying to convince them that the Greeks are the best sea people in the world, he decided to depart with his friend John Blythe, who was from Burrureg of Western Australia. On the 3rd of May 1910 they departed to make the tour of the world, with a  small sailing ship " Pandora" , which was 37 feet length and nine inches.

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