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Haria is one of the most interesting and well-preserved settlements of Mani, boasting several towers, Byzantine churches, megalithic structures and a remarkable complex of sternes (water tanks). It is 4 km from Areopoli and 7 km from the Diros Caves, and overlooks the bay of Diros, 2 km from the beach of Diros with the clear turquoise waters.

How to get here

From Athens, take the Athens-Tripoli-Sparta road (be careful not to miss exit 10, Tegea, Sparta, toll-free) then the Gytheion-Areopoli road.

About 4 km after Areopoli towards the Diros Caves, opposite the BP petrol station, turn right towards Haria. Drive straight until you find a Pandora sign then turn slightly to the right until you reach the hotel.

  • Distance from Athens to Haria: 280 km (3 to 3.5 hours)
  • Distance from Kalamata: 80 km (1.5 hours)
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